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Valeriactive | Valerian Root
Plant Name: Valerian Root

INCI Name: Valeriana Officinalis Root Extract

Valeriana officinalis is a flowering plant with a long-term use in Eastern and Western herbal medicine. It is naturalised as well as commercially grown in Scotland for its root’s medicinal use, to aromatise baths, prepare soap and aromatic oils. Valerian has been used since the time of the Ancient Greeks where it was most commonly used for sleep disorders especially insomnia. Substances in Valerian called valepotriates have been shown in experimental models to improve coordination, relax muscle tissue and decrease anxiety. In recent Western herbal practices, the roots are popular as medicine as chemical analysis have shown that more potent active compounds are contained in the root. Special types of terpenoids called sesquiterpeniods and flavonoids have been isolated from Valerian root extract, which are said to be responsible for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in cosmetic products.
Product Efficacies