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The Secrets of Caledonia

Our Products ———

...are inspired by the long history and know-how of traditional herbal medicine in Scotland, and we work in collaboration with established herbalists.

We weigh the knowledge of traditional remedies against published scientific data. Our products undergo extensive in-house laboratory efficacy testing.

Scotland is filled with pristine nature and unique biodiversity, which is why many of our raw materials are sustainably foraged from the wild or grown on our own organic farm.

We also sustainably source and provide herbal extracts from around the world, gaining inspiration from regional traditional practises.

We provide effective and innovative natural cosmetic ingredients at the highest quality, tailored to your needs.

———— We have

...a wide portfolio of products, including Scottish herbal extracts, and global herbal extracts. But, if you have specific requests, we endeavour to source your desired plant(s).

All our extracts can be made available in water-based and oil-based solvents.

We are very flexible and can use alternative solvents, depending on your formulation.

Our Services ———————————————————————

Raw Materials
Locally sourced herbs where possible.
Wild-foraged plants from sustainable and reliable sources.
Organically grown where possible.

Main Solvent Options
RSPO grade Glycerin
Butylene Glycol (synthetic or natural)
RSPO grade Propanediol
RSMCT™ (our unique blend of RSPO MCT oil and locally-sourced rapeseed oil)

Efficacy Evaluations and the stance on Animal Testing
in vitro evaluation
in vivo evaluation
We are cruelty free; no animal testing has ever been conducted.

All our products are safe for topical use*

*Safety Evaluations
Eye irritation / Mutagenicity / Toxicity (acute, reproductive)
Skin irritation / Respiratory sensitisation

Scotland's Herbal History ————————————————

Scotland has a long and rich history of plant lore, which can be traced back as far as the bronze age (~4,000 years ago).

Many Gaelic manuscripts from the 15th-18th centuries have been compiled in the Scottish Pharmacopeia.

The Scottish Highlands held a sophisticated medical system, and advanced knowledge of medical traditions from the Arabic, Greek and Latin world, way ahead of its time — as well as using folk-medicine and cures native to Gaelic speaking lands.

Our History ———————————————————————

Premises granted TEN by Scottish Water.
COSMOS approval renewed.
Tyne Steading Farm gains its Organic Certification from The Soil.
Quality Management system upgraded in internal operations.
RSPO audit passed and certification renewed.

COSMOS approval renewed.
RSPO audit passed.
Post-COVID growth of the company, the number of employees ~ doubled.
  • COSMOS approved products.
  • RSPO audit passed.
RSPO certification of solvents.
  • The company was officially registered.
  • The Secrets of Caledonia was born.
  • Purchasing of Tyne Steading Farm, in Ormiston.
New premises in Loanhead, Midlothian, on the outskirts of Edinburgh.
  • The Secrets of Caledonia started operations, and celebrated with a launch party on 5th April 2017.