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In order to utilise our plants to their full potential,
we adopt specialised extraction methods such as bioconversion,
fermentation and BDS system, making sure they comply with European standards.

Advanced Infusion Oil Technology

Dry herbs are extracted in plant oils, by which oil-soluble active compounds can be infused into the oil. Advanced Infusion Oil Technology is a very gentle method using megasonic extraction technology, which allows the original constituents to be kept in their original state in our RSMCT™ solvent.

RSMCT™ is a special carrier oil. RSMCT™ uses a unique technique of an award-winning Brassica Napus Seed Oil and Medium Chain Triglycerides, leading to the perfect natural extraction with reliable stability through a purification process by TSOC. Herbal infusions of RSMCT™ can serve as an effective skin conditioning agent, as well as ensuring consumers' full natural experiences.

The rapeseed oil that we use is produced at Carrington Barns, with a 160-year history, a local family-run farm just 8 miles south of Edinburgh. The rapeseed is grown at the farm then cold-pressed to maintain its nutrition and the stability of actives such as antioxidant molecules.

Benefits of RSMCT™

- Extracts, carries and transports oil soluble active components
- Enhances penetration, the active constituent is absorbed through the skin
- Provides a persistent long-lasting protective barrier
- Solvent for oil dispersible material